Why a Breast Reduction Might Be Right for You

Excessively large breasts can cause significant discomfort and pain. Women considering a breast reduction often complain of back pain, restriction of physical activity, and challenges sleeping in certain positions. Rashes under the breast, difficulty finding a well-fitting bra, and an impact on your self-esteem are also common. 

A breast reduction is surgery to remove excess tissue. Matthew J. Lynch, MD, specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery. Women considering breast reduction can rely on the expertise of Dr. Lynch to provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing outcome. 

Breast reduction surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure and a beneficial option for many women living with disproportionately large breasts. In fact, over 95% of breast reduction patients report being highly satisfied with their results.

If large breasts are negatively impacting your life, reduction surgery can help. We’ve curated this informative guide to help you better understand the benefits of a breast reduction and what it could do for you. Read on to learn about some of the major benefits. 

Breast reduction eases related pain

Being disproportionately top heavy places a burden on your neck, shoulders, and back. Large breasts pull your upper body forward. This added tension stresses the muscles that support your spine. A breast reduction restores your alignment, eliminates the excess pressure, and returns your posture to normal. This eases chronic neck and back pain

Say goodbye to sagging 

Due to the nature of gravity, large breasts sag — a cosmetic factor that many women find less than attractive. Fortunately, a breast lift is often combined with a breast reduction to enhance the appearance of your breast, giving your chest a perky, more youthful appearance. 

A boost in self-confidence

An additional benefit of breast reduction surgery is a boost to your self-esteem. 

Having breasts that you feel comfortable with helps you feel good in your skin. What’s more, it’s easier to find bras and tops that fit perfectly after a breast reduction. Feeling better about your appearance carries benefits into your social, work, and personal life. 

No pain when exercising

Large breasts cause pain when running, jogging, and engaging in other aerobic activity. After breast reduction surgery, your smaller chest size means participating in sports and other physical activities won’t result in pain or discomfort. 

Typical breast reduction surgeries reduce the size of your breasts by one to two cup sizes. If you have specific goals, discuss them with your provider. Our aim is to give you the best outcome possible.

What does breast reduction surgery involve?

Dr. Lynch provides comprehensive consultations to patients interested in breast reduction surgery. You can expect to discuss the physical and emotional toll of having large breasts and how it has impacted your life. 

Dr. Lynch will review your medical history and any symptoms related to having disproportionately large breasts. If breast reduction surgery is a good option for you, Dr. Lynch will take pictures and measurements of your breasts to develop your treatment plan and help set realistic and achievable goals.

We provide you with detailed instructions to follow before surgery and during recovery. Most breast reduction surgeries take about three hours to complete. Some patients go home the same day, but others spend a night in the hospital following surgery. 

You’ll begin to recover within a few days and return to normal activities in about one to two weeks. Full recovery from breast reduction surgery takes about a month.

Who is a good candidate for breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is an option for teens and women of all ages. If your breast size has a negative impact on your life, we invite you to talk to Dr. Lynch in depth to learn more about breast reduction surgery. 

Ideal candidates do not smoke and are in good health. 

You may not be a good candidate for breast reduction if you smoke cigarettes, are obese, have diabetes, heart problems, or another underlying medical concern. If you’re planning to get pregnant or breastfeed, our team may recommend postponing surgery until your family is complete, as the surgery can make breastfeeding challenging.

When you’re ready to discover if breast reduction surgery is right for you, Dr. Lynch and our team can help. Contact our East Windsor, New Jersey, office to set up your initial consultation or request an appointment online today. 

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