5 Surprising Benefits of Facial Fillers

5 Surprising Benefits of Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are one of the industry’s leading nonsurgical cosmetic treatments — and for good reason. This uber-popular injectable transforms your appearance almost instantly, smoothing lines and wrinkles, plumping sunken features, and enhancing your natural beauty. 

By now, you likely know someone who’s had fillers, and chances are they raved about their results. So you want to see if they’re right for you, but don’t make your decision based on hearsay and hype. 

Dr. Matthew Lynch in East Windsor, New Jersey, has years of experience with advanced surgeries and minimally invasive treatments alike. In this blog, we dive past the surface level and uncover the true benefits of facial fillers. 

Results are immediate

Our patients love fillers because they can walk out of our office looking like a new and improved version of themselves. Rest assured that we won’t overfill you or inject fillers into the wrong places, making you look unnatural. 

We thoroughly examine your face's unique contours and discuss your treatment goals to ensure your results are exactly what you imagined. 

Treatments are fast

The process of getting facial fillers is relatively quick. In fact, the time we take discussing your needs, goals, and medical history and creating your beauty plan often takes longer than the injection itself. 

When and if you come back for maintenance injections, you can expect your appointment to take less than an hour. 

Recovery time is minimal

You might feel a bit tender at the injection site and/or notice some redness or bruising, but otherwise, you shouldn’t need to take any time off from your regular routine. Strenuous exercise is the only activity you should avoid for a couple of days. 

Results last for the long haul

We offer three fillers that we recommend based on your needs. The best news is that — regardless of which filler is right for you — you can expect your results to last for months and months. 

Here’s a closer look.

Restylane® and Juvederm® are high-octane hyaluronic acid fillers that add fullness to your facial features for up to 18 months. Sculptra®, which contains poly-l-lactic acid, is best for severe folds around your nose and mouth and can deliver results for two years. 

We recommend double dipping

Getting fillers doesn’t mean you can get only fillers. They actually work best when you pair them with other injectables, namely Botox®. That’s because fillers work best against static wrinkles, which are visible even when your face is at rest. 

Botox injections tackle dynamic wrinkles, which appear anytime you make a facial movement. 

Talk to us about what an injectable treatment schedule might look like for you. 

A brand new look might be closer than you think, and we’d love to talk with you about your options. Call or click to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lynch at our East Windsor, New Jersey, office today.

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