Breast Augmentation 101: Understanding All of Your Choices

 Breast Augmentation 101: Understanding All of Your Choices

From the damage of pregnancy and breastfeeding to the alterations brought on by necessary lifesaving medical procedures, there are more than a few reasons why you might be less than satisfied with how your breasts look and feel. 

Fortunately, breast augmentation is an option for virtually every woman, and millions have flocked to their plastic surgeons for this life-changing procedure. 

But breast augmentation isn’t as simple as sticking an implant in your breast. You have a few choices to make before you get started, and we’re here to help you make them. 

In this blog, board-certified surgeon Dr. Matthew Lynch walks you through the finer points of breast augmentation so you can head into your consultation fully prepared. 

Getting to know your implant options

You may not realize this, but there are actually three main types of implants you can get. During your consultation, we help you decide which is right for you based on your personal needs and desired outcomes. 

We also take into account your body type to make sure you get the most natural-looking results. 

Here’s a closer look at what each type of implant has to offer. 

Saline breast implants

Saline breast implants are filled with a sterile saltwater mixture and are one of the most basic types of implants. We first place the rubber shell in your breast, then carefully fill it with the saline. 

Our patients love saline breast implants because they’re safe and offer a uniform look, feel, and firmness.

The saline solution can leak out and cause your breasts to lose volume. Don’t panic: Your body naturally processes the saline, and we can repair the leak in your implant. 

Silicone breast implants

Silicone breast implants are even more popular than saline implants because they look and feel most like natural breasts. 

We do recommend that you have follow-up appointments with us, as the silicone can leak into your breast, but your implants won’t deflate. We need an ultrasound or MRI to evaluate the condition of your implants. 

Gummy bear implants

Gummy bear implants (also known as form-stable implants) are named as such because of the cohesive character of the gel they’re made of. The gel inside these implants is thicker than silicone implants, which means they’re also firmer. 

These implants maintain their shape no matter what, even if the implant shell breaks.

Shape gummy bear implants usually have more projection at the bottom and are tapered towards the top. If your implant rotates for any reason, your breast may take on an awkward shape, but we can fix it with another minor procedure. 

A note on shape

You also have a choice regarding the shape of your implant. There are two basic shapes of a breast implant: round and teardrop. You make your decision based on the look you want after surgery. 

For instance, round implants are the original breast implant shape. They offer fullness, lift, and cleavage, but the results aren’t dramatic. 

Teardrop shaped implants, on the other hand, give you more dramatic fullness and projection. 

Whichever you choose, both shapes come in a variety of sizes and profiles, and we can customize them to fit your goals and body type perfectly. 

So whether you’re looking for the ultimate voluptuous makeover, you’re simply looking to restore some of your womanly contours, or somewhere in between, we have the solution. 

We’d love to talk more with you about your breast augmentation goals. Call or click to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lynch at our East Windsor, New Jersey, office today.

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