The Benefits of Fat Grafting

The loss of breast tissue can be a difficult challenge for many women. Reconstruction of the breast after a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or radiation can involve a wide range of techniques and materials. You have choices when it comes to how your breasts are reformed.

At the practice of Dr. Matthew Lynch here in East Windsor, New Jersey, helping women navigate cosmetic or reconstructive breast surgeries and procedures is a top priority. It’s Dr. Lynch’s goal to make sure you’re informed about all of your options and understand the benefits and drawbacks associated with each one, including fat grafting.

Benefits of fat grafting

While silicone and saline implants are fundamentally safe, and Dr. Lynch can recommend them without hesitation to most patients, some women may feel more comfortable with biocompatible grafts of their own fat tissue. 

Here are some of the key benefits of fat grafting. 

Fat grafting provides a natural look

Fat grafting can significantly improve breast shape, look, and feel, giving a somewhat more natural effect than silicone or saline implants. This is particularly true for patients who are having breast reconstruction after a lumpectomy who may have some breast tissue intact.

Fat grafting is considered a safe procedure

Fat grafting is considered to be a low-risk procedure involving minimal discomfort. It's a good choice for highly sensitive patients if there is any concern about implant rejection. Using your own fat helps your body to readily accept the injected tissue as biocompatible.

Fat grafting can be a long-lasting solution.

Unlike silicone and saline implants, which do have a shelf life and must be replaced after a certain time period has passed, fat grafting can be more permanent. Some women may find their body reabsorbs some of the fat tissue, but the fix is easy and simple, as opposed to a breast implant replacement surgery.

Fat grafting can slim you down

Fat grafting can get rid of unwanted fat from other areas of your body. Typical harvest areas for autologous fat include the thighs and buttocks, providing a “lipo” effect. The fat is then prepared and injected into the breast area, where it replaces or enhances your breast tissue. The result is plumper breasts and a slimmer harvest area.

If you’ve been wavering on what type of breast reconstruction method to choose, ask Dr. Lynch about fat grafting to see if it could be a good choice for you. He can lay out the pros and cons of each of your options. You may even choose to combine fat grafting with a flap reconstruction or implant to get exactly the results you want.

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