How Breast Reduction Surgery can Reduce Your Back Pain

How Breast Reduction Surgery can Reduce Your Back Pain

Less than one percent of women in the United States have breasts large enough to require a bra-cup size of D cup or more. But when your breasts are significantly larger than average, you may feel like you have too much of a good thing – so much that it doesn’t feel good to you at all.

Large breasts may make it hard for you to find clothing that fits. They may attract unwanted attention and rude remarks, causing emotional distress. And their weight alone can create many physical discomforts and pain, including:

While large breasts can be a problem even when women are in their teens or 20s, the issues tend to increase with age. As your breast tissue thins and sags and supporting muscles weaken, you may find the weight unbearable.

If you have back or other types of pain related to large breasts, our expert plastic surgeon Matthew Lynch, MD, PA, reduces their size, improves their shape, and lifts them to a youthful, attractive position. If you live in or around East Windsor, New Jersey, here’s how and why breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, can ease your pain.

Heavy breasts affect posture

One reason your back may hurt when you have large breasts isn’t just the weight of the excess tissue; it’s how your body must adjust to the excess. Heavy breasts make it harder to maintain an erect spine.

Your shoulders may be dragged forward and down, creating a hunch in your upper back. You may also sway your hips forward or backward in an attempt to compensate for the weight.

Heavy breasts strain muscles and ligaments

When your spine is out of alignment, the muscles that support your core get stressed and pulled. The muscles and ligaments around heavy breasts also get stretched. 

Although you may alleviate some of the pain by strengthening your core with exercise, it may not be sufficient to give you the kind of relief you seek. That’s when breast reduction may be your best choice.

Your reduction starts with a consultation

Each reduction mammaplasty is unique. Dr. Lynch conducts a thorough examination and also discusses your goals. Depending on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed, he may recommend one of several surgical approaches:

No matter his approach, he takes care to minimize scarring so you’ll be happy with your breasts’ appearance after you heal.

Your breasts are reshaped and repositioned

During your surgery, Dr. Lynch removes excess breast tissue and skin. If necessary, he then expertly and beautifully repositions your areola and ducts to a higher, more youthful position. He takes care to ensure that your new breasts are perfectly proportioned and shaped to match your body and your goals.

He closes the incisions with dissolvable sutures and covers them with bandages. You spend a brief time in the recovery room until you’re cleared to go home.

Recovery takes time

Altogether, your recovery could take 3-4 weeks. You’re sore for the first few days. We prescribe painkillers and recommend placing ice packs on the sore areas several times daily.

You won’t be able to take a shower for the first few days. You also need help getting dressed. 

You won’t be able to do everyday tasks, such as cooking or cleaning, and you can't go to work or school during that time. 

We provide aftercare instructions so that you know exactly how to take care of your incisions and help your body accelerate healing. Be sure to get plenty of rest, but also walk daily. Walking helps your body heal. 

Soon, you return to your normal routine. We recommend easing into the gym or any vigorous physical activity.

Expect comfort and self-confidence

Even if your sole reason for breast reduction surgery was to ease back pain, you have other benefits, too. You feel more confident and less self-conscious. You may also notice other aches and pains diminishing as your body has to carry less weight than before.

Another benefit is finding flattering clothing that fits your new curves. You may also find it easier to move so that it’s easier to get your daily exercise and maintain your figure for years.

If you’re ready to feel lighter, freer, and more comfortable, contact us by phone or online form for breast reduction at Matthew J. Lynch MD Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery today. 

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