Can You Have Breast Augmentation and a Tummy Tuck at the Same Time?

Can You Have Breast Augmentation and a Tummy Tuck at the Same Time?

Making the decision to have plastic surgery is very personal. The best way to ensure you get the results you want is by having an experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled plastic surgeon at your side. The same is especially true when you’re thinking about having two procedures at the same time. 

At Matthew J. Lynch, MD, in East Windsor, New Jersey, our board-certified plastic surgeon — Dr. Matthew Lynch — is one of the top-rated plastic surgeons in the area, especially for breast reconstruction surgery. However, we perform many plastic surgery procedures to help our patients look and feel their best, including the tummy tuck

If you come in with concerns about the size of your breasts and your flabby belly and want breast augmentation and a tummy tuck, we can do both procedures at the same time. However, only if we think it’s the right choice for you. 

Breast augmentation and a tummy tuck

Breast augmentation and a tummy tuck are often done at the same time for women undergoing a mommy makeover. Pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing takes a toll on a woman’s body, and diet and exercise may not be enough to get back your pre-baby body.

Though no single mommy makeover is like another, it’s not uncommon for plastic surgeons to perform multiple procedures at one time, like breast augmentation and a tummy tuck.

Breast augmentation

When performing a breast augmentation, our goal is to improve the shape and size of your breasts. Dr. Lynch places the breast implant — saline or silicone — under your breast tissue, so you get a natural look and feel.

Tummy tuck

For a tummy tuck, our goal is to tighten your abdominal area to improve shape and appearance. To get your desired look, Dr. Lynch may remove excess skin and fat and reposition your abdominal muscles. He may also liposuction fat from your waist to give you that hourglass look and improve your body’s symmetry.

When it comes to breast augmentation and a tummy tuck, we customize your surgery for you because there’s no one-size-fits-all.  

Benefits of combining procedures

There are many benefits of having breast augmentation and a tummy tuck at the same time. One of the most obvious is recovery time. 

In general, it takes about six weeks to recover from breast augmentation and about four weeks to recover from a tummy tuck. Having both procedures at the same time streamlines your recovery and saves you about two weeks.

Combining breast augmentation and a tummy tuck gives you an opportunity to fix your concerns all at once. It’s one of the best ways to reverse the effects pregnancy and nursing have on your figure.

Am I a candidate?

Combining breast augmentation and a tummy tuck is common, but not right for everyone. Yes, we want to shorten your recovery and give you the look you want sooner rather than later.

But before we make any recommendations, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation, reviewing your goals and expectations, as well as your medical history. In some situations, it may not be possible to combine your procedures. 

Surgery for breast augmentation and a tummy tuck may take four to six hours, requiring prolonged exposure to anesthesia. If we have any concerns that you may not tolerate being under anesthesia for that length of time, we may recommend splitting up the two procedures. 

But if having breast augmentation and a tummy tuck at the same time makes the best surgical sense for your situation, we can do it. 

To find out if having breast augmentation and a tummy tuck at the same time is an option for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lynch today by calling our office or requesting an appointment online. 

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