Breast Lift 101: You Don't Have to Live with Saggy Breasts

Breast Lift 101: You Don't Have to Live with Saggy Breasts

When you finally hit your weight-loss goals, you’re thrilled that you can fit into flattering clothing and have more energy again. But you may also face a new challenge to your figure: sagging breasts.

Similarly, the joys of motherhood and nursing may be tinged with melancholy when you realize that your formerly pert breasts have taken a turn for the worse. Or you may just be perturbed by the gradual onslaught of weakening tissue and the forces of gravity that weigh more heavily on your breasts as you age. 

Even if you’ve never thought about plastic surgery before, you may be thinking about it now. And you may have become interested in a procedure called mastopexy, otherwise known as a breast lift. A breast lift gives you perky breasts that look just the way you want.

Matthew Lynch, MD, is an experienced plastic surgeon in East Windsor, New Jersey, who specializes in reshaping and lifting breasts that have lost their perk. Once your breasts are restored to a more youthful position, you feel more like yourself, only with the addition of your weight loss, baby, or wisdom.

Would you benefit from a breast lift? Here’s how this cosmetic surgery can transform your image and self-image.

How a breast lift works

During a breast lift, Dr. Lynch lifts and tightens the tissues of your chest and breast. He improves your breasts’ appearance and also makes them more symmetrical. If necessary, he shapes the breasts to correct any imperfections. He then repositions your areolas and nipples to enhance the look of your breasts.

If you’ve lost weight, aged, or recently had a baby, you may have extra loose skin around your chest. As part of your breast lift, Dr. Lynch removes that extra skin. 

And if you’ve been troubled by the excess weight and discomfort of overly large breasts, or if you’re troubled by small breast size, he can combine a breast lift with breast reduction or augmentation. 

What to expect from a breast lift

Your first step on your breast lift journey is an in-depth consultation with Dr. Lynch. You and he discuss what you hope to achieve from your breast lift. He also asks you about your medical and family history to ensure you’re a good fit for the surgery. 

Feel free to bring photos of your ideal breasts, whether they’re from your past or from a celebrity you admire.

During your breast lift surgery, we keep you comfortable, relaxed, and pain-free. You can choose general anesthesia, which puts you to sleep, or twilight anesthesia, in which you remain semiconscious but pain-free and calm.

Dr. Lynch makes small incisions around your breasts. He then lifts and shapes your breasts and removes excess skin. Once he’s found the perfect position, he stitches your incisions. A typical procedure lasts roughly an hour or two. 

What to expect after a breast lift 

A breast lift is surgery, so you must avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities that could cause complications. You must also sleep on your back for a few weeks as you heal. 

In some cases, we may attach drainage tubes to your breasts to remove any excess fluid. The drains remain in place for a few days. During your follow-up appointment, we remove the drainage tubes. 

Expect to experience some swelling, tightness, and discomfort, but these diminish and go away entirely in a couple of weeks as you heal.

Contact us today by phone or online form to book an in-depth consultation so you can have firm, youthful breasts again.

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