Am I Eligible for Breast Fat Grafting?

Am I Eligible for Breast Fat Grafting?

Advancements in aesthetic medicine continue to emerge, offering new opportunities to enhance your appearance and boost self-confidence. One such innovation is breast fat grafting, a procedure that uses the body’s excess fat cells to enhance breast shape and size.

Board-certified surgeon Matthew J. Lynch, MD, in East Windsor, New Jersey, specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery. His individualized approach to aesthetic care includes breast fat grafting, a natural alternative to traditional breast augmentation methods.

Read what Dr. Lynch and his team say about the benefits of breast fat grafting, who’s eligible, and why he may recommend this innovative procedure.

Breast fat grafting basics

Breast fat grafting, or autologous fat transfer, involves extracting excess fat from one body area through liposuction, such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs.

Once the extracted fat is purified, Dr. Lynch carefully re-injects it into various tissue layers in the breasts to increase their size, improve symmetry, restore volume, or correct irregularities.

The procedure is a safe and effective alternative to traditional breast augmentation with implants, and using the patient's fat cells minimizes the risks of allergic reactions or rejection.

What are the benefits of breast fat grafting?

There are many advantages to breast fat grafting, including:

Natural aesthetic results

One of the critical advantages of breast fat grafting is the ability to achieve natural-looking results. Because the fat transfer retains the natural characteristics of your own tissue, breasts appear fuller and more proportionate while maintaining a realistic feel and contour.

Additionally, fat grafting may be used alongside breast implants during reconstruction following mastectomy for cancer or other procedures affecting breast contouring and appearance.

Body contouring

Liposuction, used to obtain fat tissue for transfer, is integral to breast fat grafting. Removing excess fat from your hips, thighs, or abdomen helps improve body proportions and enhances your silhouette.

Minimally invasive procedure

Compared to traditional breast augmentation surgery, breast fat grafting is a minimally invasive procedure, requiring less recovery time and allowing patients to resume their daily activities sooner.

Reduced risks and complications

Since the procedure uses the patient's own fat, the risk of complications such as capsular contracture, implant rupture, or implant-related infections is significantly reduced. Moreover, the chance of allergic reactions or rejection is almost nonexistent.

Who’s eligible for breast fat grafting?

Dr. Lynch recommends cosmetic procedures based on your expectations, evaluation results, and overall health. While breast fat grafting offers numerous benefits, he evaluates several factors when considering your candidacy for the procedure, including:

Available donor fat

Adequate donor fat is essential for a successful breast fat grafting procedure. Thus, patients who are lean or have limited fat deposits may not be suitable candidates.

Realistic expectations

It’s essential to have realistic expectations regarding the outcomes of breast fat grafting. While the procedure can significantly enhance the size and shape of the breasts, it may not provide the same level of augmentation as traditional breast implants.

During your initial evaluation, Dr. Lynch provides the information you need to understand the achievable results clearly.

General health and lifestyle

Candidates for breast fat grafting should have good overall health and stable weight since fluctuations in weight can impact results.

Additionally, non-smokers or those willing to quit smoking for a period before and after the procedure generally experience better healing and reduced complications.

Schedule an evaluation with Dr. Lynch today to learn more about breast fat grafting or our other services. Call our office or request an appointment online. 

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