Frequently Asked Questions

What is Breast Augmentation?

Cosmetic breast surgery includes many individualized options for changing the size and shape of your breasts. Breast Augmentation with implants, or augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that uses breast implants to enlarge and shape your breasts. The number of women having breast augmentation surgery has increased more than 400% in the last 10 years. Surgical techniques and breast implant technology have also improved dramatically. For most patients, breast augmentation is much less invasive, offers more options and provides a more satisfying outcome than ever before. Breast augmentation surgery is a very personal decision, however the most recent clinical data suggests that most women who undergo breast augmentation surgery are extremely happy with the results and gain an increased sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. More About Breast Augmentation

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, or mastopexy, may be performed to return a youthful shape and lift to breasts that have sagged as a result of weight loss, pregnancy, or simply the effects of aging. Sometimes, the procedure may be combined with a breast augmentation for added breast fullness and shape. More about Breast Lifts

When is Breast Reduction Used?

For many women, large breasts may cause physical and emotional discomfort. The size and weight of large breasts may result in self-consciousness, improper posture, neck and back pain, indentations on the shoulders from bra straps, skin rashes and even difficulty breathing. Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, is usually performed to provide relief from these symptoms. During the procedure, the breast volume is reduced and contoured to a more youthful position. More about Breast Reduction Surgery

What is Breast Reconstruction?

For women with a congenital breast deformity or for women who are faced with the decision for breast removal, modern surgical techniques – including microsurgery- make it possible to restore your body image and create a natural looking breast after the mastectomy. Breast reconstruction will preserve the feminine silhouette and alleviate the need for an external prosthesis. When you are considering options in breast reconstruction as part of the healing process from breast cancer surgery, Dr. Lynch works closely with your breast surgeon and your oncologists at the time of diagnosis as well as months and years after your cancer surgery, to ensure collaborative and comprehensive care. More about Breast Reconstruction

What is Breast Microsurgery?

Microsurgical flap reconstruction can improve the aesthetics of the reconstructed breast and reduce complications such as fat necrosis and flap loss. Although microvascular autologous reconstruction can be surgically more complex and requires an increased operating time, the long term results have solidly established it as a superb method of reconstruction.  Unfortunately, not many surgeons perform microsurgical breast reconstruction. Dr. Lynch has highly specialized and advanced training in the use of microsurgery in breast reconstruction and it is a regular part of our practice. You can learn more about microsurgery and breast reconstruction at (This site contains advanced professional level illustrations and information.)