Eyelid Surgery: Why It Remains Among the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

Eyelid Surgery: Why It Remains Among the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

Eyelid surgery is the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States. Though the decision to have cosmetic surgery is personal, there are many reasons why so many choose to rejuvenate their eyes. 

Matthew J. Lynch, MD, in East Windsor, New Jersey, knows that many people consider their eyes one of their best features. However, the visible signs of aging tend to affect the eyes sooner than the rest of the face. This may be one of the reasons it’s one of our most popular cosmetic services. 

To restore a more youthful look, eyelid surgery is quick, requires little downtime, and provides dramatic results. These reasons might be why it’s one of our most popular cosmetic services

Your aging eyelids

Changes in your skin’s strength, elasticity, and moisture cause drooping and sagging that leads to lines, creases, and wrinkles. These visible signs of aging are most noticeable on the face.

However, your eyelids and the skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your face. As a result, your eyelids may be the first to droop, sag, and wrinkle. 

In addition to making you look older than your actual age, your saggy eyelids may not match the rest of your face. Eyelid surgery addresses these age-related changes and rejuvenates your entire face. 

Fighting against gravity

It’s not just the skin that changes as you get older. The muscles that support your eyelids also weaken with age. The subcutaneous layer of fat that keeps your skin smooth and taut also diminishes with age. 

Without the strength of your skin and muscles, your thinning layer of subcutaneous fat loses its fight against gravity, accumulating in pockets around your face.  

These fatty deposits are most noticeable under the thin, delicate skin of your upper and lower eyelids. The shifting fat causes your eyelids to look puffy. 

Additionally, the excess fat in your upper eyelids may cause them to droop down over your eyes, affecting vision. This is a condition known as ptosis

And those puffy bags under your eyes may make you look chronically tired. 

Whether for your vision or appearance, eyelid surgery gets rid of the bags and helps your fight against gravity. 

Eyelid surgery: turning back time 

During eyelid surgery, we remove excess skin and fat, tighten muscles, and reposition the fat that remains to rejuvenate your look. Based on your beauty needs and goals, we can improve your upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both, 

Dr. Lynch performs eyelid surgery in an outpatient setting using local anesthesia. The surgery usually takes about two hours. We recommend you take time off during your recovery from eyelid surgery, but most patients are back to many of their usual activities within a week. 

Eyelid surgery gives you a more youthful, rested appearance and boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence. It requires little downtime and results last years, if not the rest of your life. 

Though you can’t stop the years from passing by, you can make it look like you’re turning back time. Find out why so many of our patients choose eyelid surgery by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Lynch. Call our office or request an appointment online today. 

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