Eyelid Surgery: Because You Want to Look as Young as You Feel

Eyelid Surgery: Because You Want to Look as Young as You Feel

Did you know that eyelid surgery is one of the top five plastic surgery procedures performed in America? It can enhance the appearance of your eyes and improve your vision. 

The skin around your eyes tends to droop and sag as you age, which can make you look tired and older. If your sagging eyelids go untreated, they can also compromise your eyesight.

To remedy this condition, rely on board-certified surgeon Matthew J. Lynch, MD. He has the expertise and experience to perform eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, and give you the lift you need, helping you to see well and taking years off your appearance.

When an eyelid lift might be necessary

As you get older, your skin loses collagen and elastin, which makes it loose and less elastic. Your stretched skin and weakened muscle strength can cause your eyelids to fall with gravity. You may also gain fat around your eyelids as you age. The result is droopy eyelids.

As we’ve already mentioned, droopy eyelids make you look older, but they can also block your peripheral line of sight and interfere with your vision. Dr. Lynch can fix these issues with eyelid surgery, correcting problems with your upper and lower eyelids. 

How an eyelid lift works

Eyelid surgery is typically an outpatient procedure. Dr. Lynch performs the surgery in a way that hides scarring or blends scars into the natural creases around your eyes. 

When your surgery is over, we monitor you for a short time and then release you to recover at home. You won’t be able to drive, so make arrangements to have someone take you home.

After your procedure, you might experience a few temporary side effects, such as blurry vision for a little while due to the lubricant we applied during the procedure. Your eyes might tear up easily when exposed to light, and you may see double for a short period of time.

You can also expect minimal discomfort or pain with some bruising or swelling around your eyes. The effects from the recovery process are normal and temporary, so don’t be alarmed.

What to do after an eyelid lift 

After your procedure, Dr. Lynch sends you home with recommended aftercare instructions, such as how to gently clean your eyes.

Additional instructions may include:

The results from your eyelid surgery can last the rest of your life. But it’s also possible that you may need another treatment in the future if your skin continues to droop.

If you’re looking for a remedy for your sagging eyelids, call our friendly office staff or book online today for an appointment at our East Windsor, New Jersey, office.

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