Overview of Breast Surgery Information

Many women consider breast surgery for aesthetic, functional or even comfort reasons. It is most important to select a surgeon who is comprehensive, competent, compassionate, and who will spend meaningful time with you understanding your needs and discussing potential options and outcomes.

Dr Matthew Lynch: Plastic Surgeon

At the New Jersey Breast Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Matthew Lynch, M.D. is dedicated to providing the most sophisticated techniques in cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures. Dr. Lynch and the professional staff will support you with personalized and compassionate care and follow-up during your decision making, pre-procedure and post-procedure care.

Dr. Lynch’s passion for, and dedication to breast surgery and breast reconstruction enables Dr. Lynch to obtain more predictable results and the most superior outcomes for each of his patients.

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The New Jersey Breast Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Princeton Rejuvenation Institute include a state of the art accredited operating suite and ambulatory care center. The Reliant Surgical Center and its professional and caring staff will assure that your procedure is completed in comfort and privacy.

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